The Vía Verde del Plazaola is a route for walkers and cyclists for what was the old route of the train that joined Pamplona and San Sebastián between 1914 and 1953. It is characterized by a spectacular landscape, a route of uniform slopes and the large number of tunnels that are crossed. The one in Uitzi has a distance of 2,7 km and it is recommended to access with flashlights even though it is illuminated.


Route 14,7 Km. One way


-We recommend two sections to travel the Vía Verde by bike:

  1. From Goldarazt or San Migeltxo to Lekumberri. It is a short but very beautiful walk. There is a detour in Mugiro that goes up to the town with excessive ramps, so in that section you will have to get off the bike unless you are really fit.
  2. From Lekumberri to Leitza. From Lekumberri to the Uitzi tunnel there are 5 km, the Uitzi tunnel is 2,7 km and until reaching Leitza there are 7 km. This is a spectacular section that has its most unique element in the Uitzi tunnel, but also the most conflictive, since it is sometimes closed for repair work. We recommend that you inform yourself before going. 

Bear in mind that you have to go first and then come back, and that it is always better to go up first with your strength intact than not having to do it on the way back.

Longer tunnels are illuminated, but we always recommend using a flashlight. Carry a good supply of water. In tunnels it rains, even sometimes in summer, due to seepage from the walls, so the floor is wet and getting muddy is inevitable.

If you are walking we recommend the tour around Leitza and for a short walk the one of Lekumberri.

Consult any questions at the Plazaola tourist office in Lekumberri or at

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